Sponsorship solutions

Sadly the days of philanthropic sponsorship are over. More and more organisations whether in public , private or charitable sectors are now vying with each other for the small amounts of local sponsor funding available.

National sponsorships are also are getting harder to gain as national brands tend to concentrate upon their own brand events strategy and finding out about them, into which areas they wish to concentrate upon and where, is a nightmare to negotiate.

Moreover it is the total package offer that often unlocks sponsors chests. One off events whilst important to the organiser provides little in the way of National brand profiling unless that package can clearly demonstrate how the brand can gain substantial profile.

The Director of The Ideas Factory has an impressive record of gaining key brand sponsorships..with over £4 million gained in 10 years. He is adept at thinking outside the box and offering a wide array of opportunities with which to whet the sponsors appetite.

The Ideas Factory is constantly updating its sponsor mailing lists and is in regular contact with sponsors who may just be looking at an event/occasion of which yours might just fit the bill.

Front Peice of sponsorship document created by The Ideas factory for Edward Mellors

Let The Ideas Factory help you to increase the potential of your event.

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