Why do I need to market..?
I have a great product, it's bound to be popular !

No matter how good your event is, unless people know about it you won't have an audience and your sponsors and suppliers will be on your backs.

The amount of marketing you undertake is based upon the audience you wish to invite… and your budget.

Local based promotions can often be serviced by local promotions-free newsheets, editorial in local papers,posters,banners,bus advertising.Further

consideration (subjects to budgets)radio and television advertising

Examples for Client FUNDERWORLD of marketing mediums used by The Ideas Factory


A tie up with the local media as event supporters will deliver a certain amount of free copy but always remember people generally don't read and unless it is constantly in your face they will always say they never saw it.

Larger events which require large audiences need a different scale of marketing especially if you are relying on income from ticket sales. And if you are delivering a larger event or one that is in the superleague, serious consideration must be given to the scale of your marketing strategy -especially if you wish for coverage from national titles - and getting the national press to cover such an event requires them to leave their cosy nooks and crannies in sunny London…a major hurdle for any provincial event.

In both cases The Ideas Factory is well placed to help deliver your marketing and promotion solutions. The Ideas Factory has wide experience of finding unique ways of delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people. It can help you access resources to give your event or attraction the edge on its competitors and make your sponsors and suppliers happy to consider future investment with you.

The following are just a few examples of how The Ideas Factory engaged with the press to create profile for clients


The Barry Festival


Theatre Na n'Og

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